Adopt a Child

Adopt a Child

Date: 09/12/2021

8600 Snowden River Parkway, Suite 104, Columbia, MD

Location: Howard County Association of REALTORS®

Phone: 410-715-1437

HCAR Cares is adopting a family with 5 children for the holidays – 3 from the Christmas Angels Program and 2 from the Linwood Center. It is our goal to get them everything on their list, and then some. What the children receive from us will be all they get for Christmas. Let’s make it a memorable one!

Here are the children:

* Jesus, Male, Age 8, Interests are sports and basketball

* Lindsey, Female, Age 11, Interests are drawing and reading

* Kayla, Female, Age 17, Interested in painting

* Student 1, Male, Age 17

* Student 2, Male, Age 20

If you’d like to get the kids extra, age-appropriate gifts that are not on the list, please feel free to do so! See above for their ages, genders, and individual interests.

All gifts should be wrapped, labeled with the child’s name, and dropped off at the HCAR office (8600 Snowden River Parkway, Suite 104, Columbia) by Thursday, December 9.