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HCAR Cares is not currently accepting grant request applications.

HCAR Cares Funding Request Application

HCAR Cares is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2019 that was born from the Howard County Association of REALTORS® Community Outreach Committee.

Mission Statement: To provide our Community with opportunities to raise Awareness and to Reach, Enrich and Support those in need.

Vision Statement: To improve quality of life for members of our community in Howard County and beyond.

An application to request funding may be completed by any requesting organization, program, or individual. An application may also be completed on behalf of an organization, program, or individual by a supporter of that cause. Grant recipients are not required to be 501(c)3 charitable organizations.

Applications must be completed in full and signed by the requesting party.

Funding Parameters

In addition to community service projects, HCAR Cares fundraises and awards grants to organizations and groups who address food, shelter, health, safety, and cultural needs, among others. HCAR Cares does not provide grant funding to individuals, unless HCAR Cares is conducting a special program to meet needs tied to a specific event, i.e., a natural disaster, a pandemic, etc. HCAR Cares does not provide grant funding for professional/industry-related business expenses. However, assistance is ultimately not limited. Discretion to make funding commensurate with need is given to the HCAR Cares Board of Directors, depending on availability and impact of funds. Typical grant awards from HCAR Cares range from $500 to $2,500, however the Board of Directors reserves the right to make awards outside of that range.

Application & Review Process

An organization or community group who seeks funding from HCAR Cares should complete the HCAR Cares Funding Request Application, which may be accessed on Applications are reviewed once per month, on the second Thursday of the month. Applicants must meet the above referenced Funding Parameters for consideration of grant funding. Applications will be rated based on completeness and quality of application, the request’s alignment with the HCAR Cares Mission and Vision Statements, use of funds, and impact of funds.

Applicants should apply for a specific funding need and provide supporting documentation to illustrate said need.

Disbursement of Funds

Successful applicants may receive funding as a check, credit card payment, or gift card donation. HCAR Cares must be provided with a confirmation of donation in writing via a formal letter or email.

Successful applicants will be invited to a voluntary check presentation, where a photo will be taken.

Please note that you are unable to save your progress on this application, so please review all of the questions, gather your responses separately, then complete and submit this application. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Rayne at [email protected] or at 410-980-0443.