2024 HCAR Cares Pet Idol

2024 HCAR Cares Pet Idol

Unleash the star power of your beloved pet!

Date: 13/06/2024


HCAR Cares is calling all pet enthusiasts!

We want to make your pet a star! Enter your pet into the HCAR Cares Pet Idol to win a $100 PetSmart gift card, as well as the honor of being named the official 2024 HCAR Cares Mascot! Unfortunately, there can only be one mascot, but don’t worry, we’ve got a little something for the runner-ups too! Check out last year’s winners below.

Picture this: your beloved companion stealing the spotlight, captivating hearts, and leaving an indelible paw print on the world. It’s time to unleash their untamed potential and let their inner superstar shine!
Participating is a breeze and absolutely free! However, the path to glory lies in the hands of the voting public. Each vote carries the power to make dreams come true and costs a mere $1, fueling your pet’s ascent to fame and serving as a charitable donation to HCAR Cares. Join forces with us as we extend a helping paw to the Animal Allies Rescue Foundation, ensuring a portion of the proceeds directly benefits these furry friends in need.
Submit your entry by July 9. Online voting begins on July 12. Please include:
  • Up to 3 photos of your pet (no .heic or .pdf files)
  • Your pet’s name
  • Your pet’s breed
  • A fun fact about your pet
This contest is open to ALL animals! No matter if your companion has fur, feathers, or scales, this contest is open to all pets great and small. From cats to dogs, horses to llamas, and everything in between.
It’s also available to everyone – you do NOT need to be a member of HCAR to enter. So spread the word among your friends, family, and peers. Let them know that they too can take part in this incredible cause.