2023 Super Bowl Pool

2023 Super Bowl Pool

Date: 12/02/2023

Time: 6:30 pm


Join us for our second annual Super Bowl Pool! You could win up to $2,000 and you’ll help us fund our scholarship at Howard Community College. All proceeds go to our scholarship fund.

Here’s How It Works!

  • No knowledge of football or sports are needed. This is completely blind luck! You are not in favor of any specific team – it’s all about numbers.
  • This fundraiser is a traditional 10 x 10 grid pool. There are 100 chances on each board. One board for each quarter.
  • After the board is full, and prior to the game, numbers are assigned on each axis of the grid randomly. Team 1 on one axis and Team 2 is on the other. The numbers are assigned RANDOMLY (by a number generator – sorry, no selecting your specific square). An Example of what it will look like:

  • ·In the example above, if you had the square with ‘X’ your numbers would be 4 for Team 1 and 7 for Team 2. The numbers represent the last number of each team’s score, at the end of a quarter. 14 – 7 would be 4 and 7. At the end of each quarter, if your team’s numbers match the score, you could win $500.
  • ·You could win up to $2,000 – if you win multiple boards (quarters). 14 – 7 one quarter, 24 – 17 another, etc.
  • ·All participants will be notified of their board number assignments prior to the game.


We’re giving away $500 per quarter.