2022 Superbowl Pool to Feed Healthcare Workers

2022 Superbowl Pool to Feed Healthcare Workers

Date: 31/01/2022


Join us for our first ever Super Bowl Pool! You could win up to $2,000 and you’ll help us buy lunch for Howard County Healthcare Workers.  Squares are $50 each and there are 100 squares available. We will be giving away $500 per quarter throughout Super Bowl LVI on February 13. Squares must be purchased by February 11.

Here’s How It Works!

  • No knowledge of football or sports are needed. This is completely blind luck! You are not in favor of any specific team – it’s all about numbers.
  • This fundraiser is a traditional 10 x 10 grid pool. There are 100 chances on each board. One board for each quarter.
  • After the board is full, and prior to the game, numbers are assigned on each axis of the grid randomly. LA Rams are on one axis and Cincinnati Bengals are on the other. The numbers are assigned RANDOMLY (by a number generator – sorry, no selecting your specific square). An Example of what it will look like:

** All of the empty boxes will be randomly assigned numbers. All participants will then be randomly assigned a box.

  • In the example above, if you had the square with ‘X’ your numbers would be 4 for the Rams and 7 for the Bengals. The numbers represent the last number of each team’s score, at the end of a quarter. 14 – 7 would be 4 and 7. At the end of each quarter, if your team’s numbers match the score, you could win $500.
  • You could win up to $2,000 – if you win multiple boards (quarters). 14 – 7 one quarter, 24 – 17 another, etc.
  • All participants will be notified of their board number assignments via email prior to the game.

Are you in? CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION AND SIGN UP. Your total donation should reflect the number of squares you wish to purchase: $50 = 1 square, $100 = 2 squares, etc. You will be prompted to choose whether or not this donation is for our 2022 Superbowl Pool.

If you do not wish to participate in the Superbowl Pool, but still wanted to support our cause of feeding Healthcare Heroes, please MAKE A DONATION HERE and when prompted about whether the donation is for the Superbowl Pool, choose: “Yes, but I’m not participating.”